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Information Security

The Federal Trade Commision (FTC) estimates that as many as 9 million people in the United States have their identities stolen each year. Identity theft is serious. Some consumers victimized by identity theft may lose out on job opportunities, or be denied loans for education, housing, or cars because of negative information on their credit reports. In rare cases, they may even be arrested for crimes they did not commit. (source: FTC.gov1)

LZ Accounting recognizes the importance of protecting your personal data both in electronic form and hardcopy. Much to our surprise, we found that popular tax and accounting software did not have any built-in encryption. LZ Accounting found a solution to encrypt an entire virtual disk volume, which is where the software is installed and data are stored. The encryption technology used at LZ Accounting is AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard). After the NSA (National Security Agency) conducted a review and analysis of AES, the U.S. CNSS (Committee on National Security Systems) announced that the design and strength of AES-256 is sufficient to protect classified information up to the Top Secret level. (source: NIST.gov2). If our computer hardware is lost or stolen, your information will remain inaccessible to the thief.

Hardcopy information is just as important to protect. All printed documents are locked in a storage room, in a locked office, in an access-controlled building.

ID Theft Prevention Information

By learning techniques thieves use to obtain your personal information, you can help prevent ID theft. The FTC offers good information on their website1.